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A wiki dedicated to [WWW]The City of Ogdensburg's BOA and LWRP Planning Efforts

Wiki MISSION: The mission of the Ogdensburg Wiki is to create a healthier civil society and stronger democracy through the use of technology that engages, serves, and connects citizens. This Wiki supports the efficient exchange of information and services between the public and the City's government. The intent is to provide citizens with a collaborative platform for discussing ideas, thoughts, and aspirations for the future of Ogdensburg. In other words, the Wiki is a place to come together and share ideas for making Ogdensburg even better. Our expectations are our only limitations. We encourage you to add your own comments throughout this wiki.

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What It Is

The Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program is designed to assist communities foster redevelopment and return blighted land into productive and catalytic areas while restoring environmental quality. The [WWW]Program is administered by the New York State Department of State's Division of Coastal Resources. This Training module.pdf provided by NYS DOS introduces municipal staff and other key project participants to the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program, with particular emphasis on the process and requirements of BOA Step 1 Pre-Nomination Study and Step 2 Nomination. This module will provide an overview of the BOA process, illustrate the holistic nature of brownfield planning, describe the relationships between different project tasks, and illustrate how the BOA process can guide a meaningful revitalization that is based on the appropriate use of community resources.

Ogdensburg's BOA focuses specifically on four strategic areas of opportunity:

Click [WWW]here for a video tour of Ogdensburg's BOA.

More information about each district can be found by clicking on the links above.

Want to learn more about BOA? Click here to access general documents related to the BOA pre-planning and planning processes. You can also find information about previous brownfields initiatives on the documents page.

In conjunction with the Ogdensburg BOA process, the City was awarded $175,000 EPA Brownfield Area-Wide Pilot Grant.

How We Got Here

Ogdensburg's BOA planning is the result of many years of preliminary brownfield assessment and targeted cleanup citywide. In May 1998, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) selected Ogdensburg as a Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot. This pilot project examined many of the sites that today constitute the core BOA strategic areas of opportunity. More information about previous brownfields assessment and cleanup projects can be found here.

The City has already made substantial progress cleaning up polluted sites. A gallery of Cleanup Photos can be found here. The BOA planning effort will continue to propel these site cleanups and redevelopments!

How to Contribute

Share your thoughts for revitalizing our community, and creating a greener, greater Ogdensburg here:



The City of Ogdensburg is one of only 23 communities across the country, many in under-served and economically disadvantaged areas, selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to share $4 million in assistance to develop Brownfield Area-Wide Plans (AWP)) for the reuse of brownfields properties. The City’s grant is for up to $175,000 in direct and technical assistance. The City partnered with the New York State Department of State (DOS) Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program to apply for the funding and leverage the $355,000 Grant the City has received from the DOS BOA Program. To learn more about Area-Wide planning click here: Area-Wide Approach.pdf.

This project highlights the city's creative approach and the importance of identifying and leveraging significant local, state, and federal investment to develop and, more importantly, implement waterfront and brownfield revitalization plans.

The City is using the direct funding portion of the AWP assistance provided by the EPA to hire a full-time Area Wide Pilot/Brownfield Opportunity Area Program Manager. This position manages the development and implementation of a Brownfields Redevelopment Plan along the City’s waterfront. The AWP/BOA plan will integrate site cleanup and reuse into coordinated strategies to redevelop the waterfront while simultaneously addressing critical community needs such as economic development, job creation, housing, recreation, and education and health facilities.

AWP Work Plan: The AWP is taking place pursuant to a work plan prepared by the City and Approved by the EPA.

Want to learn more about the AWP process? Click here to access documents related to the AWP planning process.

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What It Is

A Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) is a locally prepared land and water use plan and strategy for a community's natural, public, working, or developed waterfront through which critical issues are addressed. The [WWW]Program is administered by the New York State Department of State's Division of Coastal Resources.

Want to learn more about the LWRP process? Click here to access documents related to the LWRP planning process.

Want to follow progress on the 2011 amendment process? Click here to access draft versions of LWRP sections as they are produced. The final LWRP Amendment will consist of the following sections:

How to Contribute

Great ideas from everywhere can be turned into action anywhere. Share your ideas for Ogdensburg here:

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